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Saturday May 1st

20:00 AMRAP:5 Push Press (165/115)15cal/12cal Bike*Athletes alternate rounds -Stimulus-1:00-1:30 per round

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Friday April 30th

With a running clock..At 0:00:800m run From 5:00-15:00:AMRAP 10:005 Pull Ups10 Push Ups15 Air Squats At 15:00:800m Run 2x:1:00/1:00 Banded Shoulder Stretch50 toe touch crunch50 banded triceps push downs

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Thursday April 29th

Every 2:30 for 17:30 (7 Sets):1 pause front squat ( 3 seconds) + 1 front squat 4 Rounds Not for Time:7/7 Dumbbell reverse lunge to single leg deadlift14 Russian twists 

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Wednesday April 28th

For Time:10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1Hang Power Cleans (135/95)Burpee box jump overs (24″/20″) -Stimulus-10-12 min Immediately upon completing part 1 take 7:00 to find:3 Hang Power Cleans

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Tuesday April 27th

Every 5:00 for 25:00 (5 sets):5 Deadlifts @ around 80% of 1 rep max600m run 2x::30 – :45 Face Down GHD side bends50 Banded Arch to rounded back goodmornings

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Monday April 26th

For Time:120 Wall Balls (10’/9′) (20/14)120 Cal Row -Stimulus-15-18 min 3x:3 wall walks + :30 hold on last rep*1:30 rest between

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Friday April 23rd

For Time:50cal/40cal row50 burpees100 double unders50 knees to elbows50 medicine ball cleans (20/14)100 double unders -Stimulus-15-18 min

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Thursday April 22nd

Every 2:30 for 17:30 (7 sets):3 position power snatch Every 2:00 for 8:00 (4 sets):6 Romanian Deadlifts15 hollow rocks

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Wednesday April 21st

For Time:400m runinto,5 Rounds10 pull ups20 push ups30 air squatsinto,400m run -Stimulus-15-20 min *Wearing a vest is optional

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Tuesday April 20th

12:00 AMRAP:1-2-3-4-5,1-2….Power CleansBox Jumps (30″,24″)*After completing the round of 5 reps return back to 1 rep and rpeat the ladder*After completing 2 full successful cycles of 1-2-3-4-5 reps increase the load on the power cleansCycles 1 and 2: 165/115lbsCycles 3 and 4: 185/125lbsCycles 5 and 6: 205/145lbs

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