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Friday October 15th

Teams of 324:00 AmrapPartner 1: Max Calorie Bike Erg or Echo BikePartner 2: 2 Rounds                   15 Pull-Ups                    3 Sandbag Cleans (150/100) or Power Clean (185/135)       

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Thursday October 14th

Teams of 25 rounds20 Alternating V-Ups (each)* Partner Hold Plank (elbows) *15 Synchro Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20) -Stimulus-12-14 min ACCESSORY:3-4×10-12 Double Dumbbell High Pull50m/50m Single arm farmers Carry

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Wednesday October 13th

4 sets30 Wall Balls (20/14)20/15 Calorie Assault Bike (same for Echo Bike)10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (70/50)– Rest 3:00 between sets – -Stimulus-2:45-3:30**4 min Cap ACCESSORY:5 sets (10:00) Every 2:00:6-8 Kick up to Band or wall or freestanding +5 Sec. Hold20-30 Banded Face Pulls

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Tuesday October 12th

In a 10:00: Find a heavy complex of..2 Power Clean + Push Press + Push Jerk For Time:100-80-60-40-20Double Unders50-40-30-20-10Push-Ups -Stimulus-13-15 min

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Monday October 11th

20-minute AMRAP8 Dumbbell Thrusters (2×50/35)12 Toes To Bar16/14 Calorie Row -Stimulus-5-8 Rounds ACCESSORY:3-4x:6-8 Strict Pull Ups or 3 Negative pull ups10/10 3 point db row

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Saturday October 9th

10 Rounds for time:10 Bench Press (135/95)12/10 cal standing bike -Stimulus-17-19 min Accessory:4x:10 incline db tate press12-15 banded tricep extension

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Friday October 8th

2 Sets500/400m Row100 Double Unders20 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)15 Burpee Pull-Ups20 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)100 Double Unders500/400m Row-rest 5 Minutes b/t sets- -Stimulus-9-11 min per set**12 min CAP per set

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Thursday October 7th

Every 1:30 for 15:00 (10 sets):2 Hang power Clean *Goal of this today is to pick a load and stick with it for the majority of the sets 4x:30 Banded Pull Throughs30 banded hamstring curls

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Wednesday October 6th

5 Sets (Every 4:00)21 Wall Balls (20/14)15/12 Calorie Assault Bike (Same for Echo Bike)9 Deadlift (275/185) Accessory:4x:10 Bent over barbell row (supinated grip)12-15 per side, alternating db hammer curl

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Tuesday October 5th

AMRAP 7 Minutes6 Strict Handstand Push-Ups18 GHD SIt Ups -rest 2 Minute- AMRAP 7 Minutes12 Handstand Push-Ups18 Toes to Bar Accessory:4x:8/8 SA DB high pull100’/100′ SA OH carry

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