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Saturday August 6th

AMRAP 16:2-4-6-8…BurpeesDB alternating split snatches (35/50 lb)Knees-to-elbows 3 sets:10 DB Bulgarian split squats/leg

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Friday August 5th

5 rounds for time:25 wall-ball shots (14/20 lb) (11/12 ft)10 med-ball weighted pull-ups (14/20 lb) -Stimulus-13-18 minutes Accumulate:150 weighted partner sit-ups (14/20 lb)– Partners face each other and pass the med-ball back and forth.– 75-reps per partner.

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Thursday August 4th

10 x 1:00 rounds for reps:3 deadlifts (205/315 lb)Max double-unders– Rest 2:00 between rounds 3 Sets:30 banded hamstring curls10/10 birddogs 

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Wednesday August 3rd

Every 2:00 for 8:00:10 Bench Press Every 5:00 x 3 rounds:800-m runthen…Every 3:00 x 3 rounds:400-m run

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Tuesday August 2nd

4 Rounds for Time:3 Rope Climbs12 Overhead Squats (135/95)24 Box Jump Overs (24/20) -Stimulus-12-16 min Accessory:3 Rounds:10 Barbell High Pulls8/8 Single arm db press1:30 rest

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Monday August 1st

4 x AMRAP 3:24/30-cal rowMax-rep bar muscle-ups– Rest 1:00 between AMRAPs. Keep clock running… at 20:00…For time:50-40-30Push-ups30-25-20GHD’s

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Saturday July 30th

For time with a partner:30 clean and jerks (95/135 lb)30 muscle-ups30 snatches– One partner works while one rests. Partition the reps as needed.

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Friday July 29th

10:00 to find:3 Rep Hang Power Snatch 5 rounds for time:10 Box Jump Overs25 weighted sit-ups (14/20 lb) *15:00 cap* -Stimulus-10-14 min 

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