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Saturday April 1st

WOD For time:10 wall walks800/1,000-m row10 wall walks -Stimulus-7-11 minutes CORE WORK4 sets::20 seated leg raises– Rest :10:20 hollow hold– Rest :10

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Friday March 31st

WODFor time with a partner:30 snatches (75/115 lb)30 synchronized bar-facing burpees24 snatches (95/135 lb)24 synchronized bar-facing burpees18 snatches (105/155 lb)18 synchronized bar-facing burpees12 snatches (125/185 lb)12 synchronized bar-facing burpees -stimulus-11-16 minutes Accessory WorkEvery 2:00 for 5 sets:2 power snatches– Must be touch-and-go.

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Thursday March 30th

WODAMRAP 30:800-m run40 walking lunges20 GHD sit-ups100-m DB farmers carry (25/35 lb)– Use two DBs for the carry. -stimulus-3-5 rounds

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Tuesday March 28th

WODEMOM 181- 12/15 cal bike2- 3 squat cleans (225/155) Accessory 3-4 sets5/5 DB step upsrest 1:30 between sets 1×100 banded leg curls

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Wednesday March 29th

Rowing and Bench3 rounds for time:40/50 calorie row25 bench presses (95/135 lb) -Stimulus-14-18 minutes Accessory Work3-4 sets:6/6 Three point db row1:30 rest 3-4 sets20 alternating hammer curls1:00 rest

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Thursday March 23rd

5 rounds for time:200-m run15 wall-ball shots (14/20 lb)(9/10 ft)10 toes-to-bars -Stimulus-10-15 minutes

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Wednesday March 22nd

10 min to establish1rm Strict Press For time:30 box jump-overs (20/24 in)20 shoulder-to-overheads (95/135 lbs)10 rope climbs– Must clear the box. -Stimulus-5-10 minutes

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Friday March 17th

“The Seven”7 rounds for time:7 handstand push-ups7 thrusters (95/135 lb)7 knees-to-elbows7 deadlifts (165/245 lb)7 burpees7 KB swings (53/70 lb)7 pull-ups -Stimulus-21-30 minutes A suicide bomber killed seven CIA officers and one Jordanian officer at a remote base in Southeastern Afghanistan on December 30, 2009, after

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Thursday March 16th

4 x 4:00 rounds for reps with a partner:400-m run40 double-undersMax calorie row in the remaining time– Rest 1:00 between rounds.– Partners run together, complete 40 double-unders each at the same time, and then switch as needed to complete as many calories as possible in

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