Saturday September 29, 2018

O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. -Psalm 139:1

Sept 29th WOD
In 12:00 find a 5 rep max Bench Press Start with a moderate load and build to a 5 rep max over the course of the 12:00.
*Leaderboard only your heaviest set.
*3:00 Rest before team workout.

3:00 Rest
In teams of 2 AMRAP 12:00
2 Rope climbs
15/12 cal Air bike
*Partner 1 does the 2 rope climbs and then bikes 15/12 calories, then partner 2 does 2 rope climbs and 15/12 calories. Continue in this fashion for 12:00.
*Leaderboard total reps for the TEAM!

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