Friday September 6, 2019

The Lord watches over all who love Him, but all the wicked He will destroy. Psalm 145:20.

Sept. 6th WOD:
Every 3:30 for 17:30 (5 sets)
5 Back squats
*For sets 1-4: 0:03 lowering phase, 0:03 pause in the bottom
*For set 5: use the same weight as the final “”tempo”” set and compete the 5 reps with no pause.  

The first 4 sets are intended to work control throughout a full range of motion and positional work at challenging loads. Be strict with the tempo as there will be a progression off of this over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to keep tension in the bottom position when holding.  The last set is intended to work on moving moderate to heavy loads with max speed and sound mechanics. This set should not be a near a 5 rep max as it is the same load being used in the final tempo set.

6 Sets
100ft Prowler push, sled drag, or box push
*~2:00 Rest after each set. Complete 10-15 V-ups during rest period.

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