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Choosing Our Mentality

How We can Leverage our Discomfort to Build a Resilient Mentality Every day we are faced with a choice: either let our worries and…

Pairing Nutrition With Fitness: How to Develop Eating Habits to Support Your Goals

we have heard it before – working out is only part of the equation when it comes to overall health and fitness. Dialing in your …

6 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Whether you are a new or seasoned athlete, there are many reasons to consider group fitness classes. Stepping into a group fitness…

Improving Your Pull-ups

Six Drills to Help You Perfect Your Pull-ups Pull-ups are an excellent exercise with many benefits. In CrossFit, there are a few v…

The Benefits of CrossFit: Improving your Mental Health Through Fitness

CrossFit is an excellent way to work on our physical health, but it offers just as many mental health benefits as physical ones. R…

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