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Friday June 3rd

2 rounds for time:10 snatches (125/175 lb)12 bar-facing burpeesThen,2 rounds for time:10 snatches (75/115 lb)12 bar-facing burpees

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Thursday June 2nd

Every 1:30 for 12:00 (8 sets):2 Thrusters *Building to a heavy two rep 4 sets for load:8 DB strict presses/arm8 DB front squats

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Tuesday May 31st

AMRAP 12:9/12-cal. row24 sit-ups For completion: NOT FOR TIME200-m sandbag bear-hug carry (70/100 lb)100-m left-arm DB overhead carry (35/50 lb)100-m right-arm DB overhead carry200-m sandbag bear-hug carry– Rest as needed between movements.

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Thursday May 26th

5 rounds for time:63 double-unders15 box jump-overs (20/24 in)9 hang squat cleans (75/115 lb)– Athletes must step down from the top of the box. -Stimulus-11-15 min

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Tuesday May 24th

On a 20:00 clock EMOM:10 rounds:3 front squats1:00 calories on any machine– Increase front squat load as desired.

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Friday May 20th

5 rounds for time:20 burpees over kettlebell20 KB swings to shoulder height (16/24 kg) -stimulus-7-12 min On a 5:00 clock:Max Turkish get-ups

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